“Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ― George Eliot


We have 7 friendly horses in our stables. Most of the day, they are roaming free around the farm, grazing on the green fat grass of Chamarel.

Some of them are now old and enjoying their retirement peacefully on the farm; the younger horses will take you on amazing guided rides, surrounded by nature.

Book a ride with us for your next stay!


We have several laying hens on the farm that kindly provide the fresh eggs for your morning breakfast baskets.


Their litter is added to the compost in our vegetable garden.


While visiting the farm, you may encounter some ducks, waddling around.


Our webbed feet friends are not only there for good company, but are also useful, as the soiled water of their pond helps us to irrigate and enrich the soil of our vegetable garden.


Pippa, Kate, Charlotte – her daughter obviously -and Johnny are the four friendly goats staying on the farm. They are our best eco-friendly lawnmowers.


Your children will enjoy paying them a visit and maybe even help the staff feed them in the mornings.


 La Vieille Cheminée’s surrounding forest is host to many different Wild Species.


Some are Endemic to Mauritius: unique to the place and found nowhere else.

If you take the time to listen and observe the surrounding nature, you might hear the Echo Parakeet flying over your lodge, the Mauritian Fruit Bat shouting at night, see a tiny Pic-Pic (Mauritian Grey White-Eye) or even a colorful Gecko while walking around on the farm.


Learn more about the Mauritian Wildlife by visiting our neighbour Ebony Forest.