Welcome to our
Horse Riding section.

We have friendly horses on our farm, and offer one hour rides in forests and open country within the farm, accompanied by a guide.

We also offer 20-minute rides for children and beginners, each horse being led by a groom.

The rides are from Monday to Saturday and are to be booked with a 24h notice. 

Some important information below


1h guided excursion on horseback for riders with a  good level – Rs. 2,500 per person / Rs. 2000 for the residents of La Vieille Cheminée.

Beginners’ excursion (horses are hand held by the guide – 20 mins) – Rs. 800 per person – only for residents of La Vieille Cheminée.

You should be at the stables at least 30 mins before the ride. You will be offered a fresh juice or a cup of coffee while meeting your guide and the horses. We will give you a few explanations and help you get geared up for your ride.

Even though our horses are always very friendly and calm, they are powerful animals and can be unpredictable, especially when in nature. Please note the following concerning the guided horse rides at La Vieille Cheminée:

  • We require that all riders have some experience in horse riding and we will not allow total beginners to join the guided rides.
  • All riders are required to wear riding boots, protective helmets and protective vests which can be provided at no extra cost at La Vieille Cheminée.
  • For your own comfort, it is preferable to wear long pants (a pair of jeans ideally).
  • All riders are required to sign a “disclaimer form” acknowledging that they are doing this activity at their own risk.
  • For security reasons, during or following extreme rain conditions, the guide can’t guarantee trotting or galloping during the ride. 
  • We can’t accept riders heavier than 90 kgs.
  • We can’t accept children younger than 5 years old.
  • No guided rides available on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Bookings should be made at least 24h in advance.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning your ride. You can already meet the horses on our Instagram account @la_vieille_cheminee_mauritius